ESPN SEC Network


During my internship at McKinney in 2017, I was able to work on a variety of clients, including ESPN's all-SEC-all-the-time sports channel, SEC Network.

Below are two pieces that were produced as a part of the ongoing campaign for their flagship show, SEC Nation.

For those wondering, I am still at my core a Duke fan.





First things first for SEC Saturdays, it's SEC Nation. (sfx: This is what we talk about in college football.)

It's frontlines, flankers, and field generals. (sfx: When you have great leadership, you show up and you fight.)

It's flea flickers and flashes of flair. (sfx: First of all, you look good.)

And it's a full day of fun. (sfx: Just as a fan of college football, I'm excited about this game.)

It's family. It's food. It's football. It's finally Saturday. SEC Nation live from Arlington, Texas, Saturday at 9am Eastern presented by AT&T on the SEC Network and streaming live on the ESPN app.


GCD: Will Dean, Lyle Yetman

CD: Jordan Eakin, David Sloan

Art Director: Sarah Wallace

Copywriter: John Sokolowski