Big Crowds Make Big Change

Millennials feel like their individual votes don't matter. But when a lot of individuals vote, they elect officials that do things that matter.

TV and digital pre-roll spots extend the pointillism execution style, and celebrate the achievements of politicians through the lens of the voters that put them in office.

Promoted social posts extend this idea into past and present protest movements, celebrating the number of participants and showing that showing up does make an impact.

An infographic highlighting the closest elections in history will be housed on our site and seeded on social media and Reddit, showing that every vote does count after all.

We created a series of Instagram accounts to show the exact impact that voting has, when you add all the votes together. Clicking through on each tagged post leads you further down the rabbit hole to more and more accounts, eventually showing that each image is composed by individual "I Voted" stickers. 1 vote = 1 sticker = 1 post. 

Art Direction: Robert Persky

Strategy: Melissa Jackson